Nike Air Vapormax 2019 Performance Reviews

Every year, Air Max Day always has new gadgets to come out. This year, if there is no accident, it is the world of Air Max 720. But do you still remember the main event Air Vapormax in 2017? Last year, the second generation Air Vapormax Flyknit 2 and the shoeless MOC version were ushered in.

What is the difference between the new generation and the previous one? As the so-called small change has improved, the latest generation of Nike Air Vapormax 2019 has a TPU protection piece on the toe and a pull ring on the heel for easy wearing. Vapormax’s air cushion allows the feet to be directly stepped on the gas, and there is no EVA foam in the middle. The selling point or the sense of giving the runner is to step directly on the Air. It is worth mentioning that the Vapormax Run Utility version of the midsole is added with a layer of Cushlon for cushioning, which is also different from the vamp material (adding reflective details and water repellent design), and other versions of Vapormax, As for Vapormax 2019, one of the biggest differences.

Now it’s time to learn more about Vapormax 2019! The Nike designer did not extend Flyknit’s upper, but instead used Nexkin’s material, a lightweight, breathable and translucent elastic material that was modified to be more durable than Flyknit.

In addition, a new design for covering the midsection of the foot is used internally, while being in close proximity to the arch to provide an enclosed support. In order to improve the support, the heel support of the TPU material is also larger and higher.

This test is based on the sports field. The Nexkin upper is not as soft as Flyknit in the state of new shoes. It needs a little more running to adapt, but the support of the upper is better than the previous generation, and because the material is thin, the forefoot starts. There was no discomfort when flexing.

Vapormax’s air cushion is the essence of the whole pair of Nike Shoes, so the new generation 2019 version also retains the entire air cushion distribution. The resilience is still strong, saying that every time you land (the heel is more obvious), the pressure exerted will be bounced back. If you try it, you will know that it is an extraordinary feedback! Of course, there must be some loss. The higher running feeling from the ground is not acceptable to every runner. Xiaobian will only choose to practice as a short distance.

Please don’t ask me which one to choose between three choices. This is a very headache. Air Vapormax Flyknit’s soft upper is really spoiled, but in the rainy season, it is always necessary to put it on. Shoe cabinet, so the appearance of Vapormax Run Utility is a savior, so you can continue to enjoy the atmosphere pad no matter what the weather. As for those who like freshness, Vapormax 2019’s translucent Nexkin upper can be matched with different colors of socks, so that you are wearing new shoes every day, so if you really want to choose one, you can only answer you.

At the time of the code number that everyone is concerned about, Vapormax flyknit needs a large half code, and this time Vapormax 2019 will return the original code number.

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